Centralized Payment System

PSW Resources

How to Become a PSW

To begin the process of setting yourself up as a PSW, please contact one of our offices to schedule an appointment.

Personal Support Workers (“PSWs”) are a unionized workforce represented by SEIU Local 503. Find more information on this here: SEIU.

The Oregon Home Care Commission (“OHCC”) provides support to PSWs and customer/employers by:
  • Defining qualifications of personal support workers PSW,
  • Providing a statewide registry of PSWs,
  • Providing training opportunities, and
  • Serving as the "employer of record" for collective bargaining personal support workers who receive service payments from public funds.

    Find more information on this here: http://www.oregon.gov/DHS/SENIORS-DISABILITIES/HCC/PSW-HCW/Pages/Personal-Support-Workers.aspx

    As a PSW, you will need to be aware of:
  • obligations as a Mandatory Abuse Reporter
  • Obligations you have to avoid Medicaid Fraud
  • Your Workman’s Compensation coverage
  • Your possible benefits

  • The OHCC provides training on these and many other important topics to assist you in performing you job. There is a mandatory PSW Orientation that you must attend within the first 90 days of your employment.